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Although the IDA Faridabad branch was installed in 1989, its history dates back to 1982. In 1982 Dentists in Faridabad organized the 1st Haryana State Branch conference, although there was no local branch in existence. The appreciation from the Head office for organizing a successful conference motivated the dentists in Faridabad and it was the result of their hard work that the I.D.A. Faridabad branch was formed in 1989 with just 15 members, the minimum requirement for a local branch. Although Dr (Brig) M.M.N Khosla, Dr. S K. Chhabra, and Dr. P.S Ahuja lead the endeavor efforts of following founder members of the branch were also no less.

The list of few founder members is as follows

Dr. (Brig) M.M.N Khosla - Founder President
Dr. S.K. Chhabra - Founder Secretary
Dr. P.S. Ahuja - Founder Treasurer
Dr. D.C Gupta
Dr. P.S Rana
Dr. Jagdish Jain
Dr. A.K Gupta
Dr. Tarun Mahajan
Dr. M.M Bajaj
Dr. R.S Bajaj
Dr. Pradeep Jayna
Dr. Mohini Gugnani
Dr. Rajeev Gugnani

1st local branch to be formed in Haryana.

After its installation, the branch has covered many milestones in its journey of 32 years to its present status as one of the most active, professionally managed, and leading branches of Haryana state with over 100 members now.


Annual Conference

1st branch to organize annual conference every year for the last 32 yrs consecutively


1st branch in haryana state to have its own publication under the name of Fida smile with Dr Rajiv gugnani as its editor and Dr Inderjit Rana as asstt. Editor.


1 st branch in haryana to introduce awards in memory of its past members.

Local Branch

1st local branch to be formed in Haryana


1st branch to elect office bearers every year unanimously without holding elections.


1st branch in Haryana to conduct National oral health care programme among school children and Teacher's training programme consecutively for 12 yrs with Dr. Naresh Bhardwaj as its chief co-ordinator.

The branch introduced three Awards

  1. Dr. (Brig) M.M.N Khosla Award
  2. Dr. Anita Bansal Award
  3. Dr. P.S.Ahuja Award

These awards are presented every year to members for exemplary work done for the association. The branch celebrated its silver jubilee in 2013 under the presidentship of Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma. The year 2020 brought new challenges for dental professionals worldwide and I.D.A Faridabad was no exception. On one side the members had to protect themselves and their families from covid 19 and on the other hand, they had to fulfill their social and moral obligation of attending patients during the pandemic. The association lead by its president Dr. Anshu Khashu was able to overcome this difficult period successfully. A branch started in 1989 is today marching towards new horizons covering new milestones each year.